Month: August 2020

Plug – 5 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read. A very important thing to note about entrepreneurship is that a key part of it is continuous learning. Acquiring knowledge and applying it in real life is basically all that innovation is about. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs will tell you how much they prioritize learning. […]

Here’s How To Make The Most of your Co-working Community

  As much as a Co-working community has its benefits, a lot of these benefits rely on the ‘YOU’ factor to be worth anything at all. If you’re looking for tips on how to leverage a Co-working space and community to your advantage, keep reading. Tip 1. Remain Productive While Co-working does help boost productivity, […]

Coworking is better. Here’s why

What started out as a cost effective alternative for freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers to rent work spaces and share office amenities with fellow freelancers has evolved into a full blown industry with exponential growth rates.  From research carried out by Coworking resources and Coworker, we find that globally the estimates put the market value […]

Plug: 5 Inspiring Podcasts For Entrepreneurs   Podcasting has become such a huge and interesting industry in recent times. Probably due to the fact that they are so easily accessible and are centered around some of the most relatable topics all around the world with content that inspire happiness and success. You can download episodes […]