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Plug: 5 Inspiring Podcasts For Entrepreneurs


Podcasting has become such a huge and interesting industry in recent times. Probably due to the fact that they are so easily accessible and are centered around some of the most relatable topics all around the world with content that inspire happiness and success. You can download episodes of your favorite podcasts and listen to them anywhere, anytime and on any device. Have podcasts replaced conventional radio?….. Hmmm, that’s a topic for another day.

So, in this week’s newsletter, we have picked out 5 podcasts that every entrepreneur should be listening to. Here goes: 


  • NPR: TED radio hour


Ever heard anyone say “Thanks for coming to my TED talk” after they feel like they have just said something profound?  Well, that’s because that’s what TED Talks are; Intelligent people from different fields dropping profound insight on life and this podcast is a spin-off from those talks. 

Based on the highly successful TED talks series, this podcast which is currently hosted by Manoush Zomorodi, covers the themes discussed in these talks. Each episode typically lasts for 50 minutes to 1hour. 

We guarantee that the ideas you’ll hear on TED radio hour are extremely thought provoking, diverse and will motivate you.  


  • How I built This



If you’ve ever wondered how billion-dollar empires came to be then Guy Raz’s “How I built this” is the podcast for you. Guy takes listeners through intimate conversations with founders of incredibly successful companies on how it all happened and what starting out was like before the money and fame. 

From who invested and how much, to conflicts between co-founders and how much of a role sheer luck might play in the grand scheme of things, Guy covers it all. This podcast shows you how surprisingly ordinary these founders and billionaires are. It’s inspiring and relatable content that will be worth your time. 

Some of our personal favourite episodes are, Episode 70: Wikipedia – Jimmy Wales, Episode 46: Buzzfeed – Jonah Peretti and Episode 6: AirBNB – Joe Gebbia. Thank us later!

  • The Hustle Sold Separately




“The dream is free but the hustle is sold separately” is basically what hosts: Matt Gottesman and Case Kenny are trying to show you through this podcast.

 The road to success isn’t always rosy and that isn’t the side of the story that a lot of people are interested in. In this podcast, Matt and Case shed light on the pain and struggle of getting to the top in business through their guests who are entrepreneurs from various fields. 

The structure of the show is such that guests speak more about their struggles than their successes. It takes you through every inch of the mostly long and tedious journey to the top. Looking for hard truths on succeeding in business?, this is the podcast for you.


  • Entrepreneurs On Fire



According to host John Lee Dumas, If you’re tired of spending 90% of your day doing things you don’t enjoy and only 10%  doing things you love, then this podcast is for you and we agree with him completely. 

The goal of the podcast is to deliver the inspiration and strategies you need to fire up your entrepreneurial journey and create the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

 This podcast is great for entrepreneurs as John interviews successful entrepreneurs. They talk with him about their success, failures and what makes them tick. Episodes last between 30 – 60 minutes and are all so inspiring. 


  • Homework 



With the times we’re in this year, remote work has suddenly become a lot more popular. As an entrepreneur for whom working from home might be new, this podcast comes in handy. 

As a lot of what affects people who work from home circles around productivity, this podcast couldn’t be more timely. Hosts Dave Caolo and Harry Marks show listeners solutions from implementing applications, to using notes that will improve your productivity and performance as you work from home.

 They address listener-submitted questions, comments and concerns about working from home so this gives a really bespoke answer to certain issues. So you can send in your own question and get insight from them. You can submit on their website


You can find these podcasts on apple podcasts, google podcasts, spotify, soundcloud, anchor and a host of other streaming platforms, it’s pretty easy so get on with it!

You’re such a great sport for reading till the end! We appreciate you. 

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Enjoy the rest of your day.

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