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Plug – 5 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read.

A very important thing to note about entrepreneurship is that a key part of it is
continuous learning. Acquiring knowledge and applying it in real life is basically
all that innovation is about. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs will tell you
how much they prioritize learning. And books are some of the best sources of
There are tons of book lists from some of the most successful people in the world
today. Some, even book clubs. Just as a tool to stay mentally active and stimulated
in life, the place of reading cannot be overemphasized. Which is why for this
week’s newsletter, we have come up with a cool list of 5 books we think will be
instrumental to your growth as an entrepreneur.

1. No Excuses! The power of self discipline for success in your life – Brian

Having authored over seventy books which have been translated into various
languages, it is safe to say that Brian Tracy is a very important part of the
motivational speaking and self development genre. With books on topics
like sales, wealth creation, personal development, business and leadership:
he has never disappointed his readers.
In this book, he tells how success is not only about luck and talent but is
mostly about discipline. The book guides readers on how to achieve success
in 3 very essential parts of their lives. It is a great read for anyone who is
looking to become a doer.
2. The Creative Curve – Allen Gannett

Creativity, like many human qualities, is an art and therefore can be
mastered. Contrary to the popular notion that creativity is something that
some possess and some others don't, everyone has it in them to be very
creative. One just has to be put in the right situation.
In the most interesting voice, Allen Gannett guides readers on how they can
get creative in various aspects of their lives through something he calls the
creative curve. Using real life examples in his advice, this book is sure to
leave every ready deeply impacted.

3. The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trial into
Triumph – Ryan Holiday

In this book, author and entrepreneur: Ryan Holiday highlights a simple
methodology for spinning crisis into success. He spotlights icons like Steve
Jobs, Rockefeller, Amelia Earhart, Ulysses Grant and a few others and
shows how they turned difficult points in their lives into massive
He points out how the success of the people he mentions in this book didn't
come as a result of their being incredibly intelligent or lucky but that it had
to do with some principle laid down by a certain roman emperor. The major
lesson he teaches through this book is how everyone has it in them to turn
even their darkest times into an advantage and this is very key for every
4. Lost and founder: A painfully honest field guide to the startup world –
Rand Fishkin

In this book, Rand Fishkin talks about the struggles and downs of what it’s
like breaking into the startup world. This book is great for entrepreneurs
looking to know what sort of obstacles they would likely face as they begin
on the path to success.
With the book, the author throws light in a refreshing way on the life of a
Tech startup’s ceo.
5. This is marketing: You can’t be seen until you learn to see – Seth Godin
Marketing is a very vital part of entrepreneurship. This book is basically a

guide to understanding marketing.
Placing the old paradigm alongside the new ways to market. While also
looking at age old assumptions about marketing, challenges and what is
important in the world of marketing.
Being in marketing and a marketing expert himself, Seth Godin does not
disappoint with this book.
All these books can be purchased on Amazon or at bookstores in your city.
So get to reading!

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