Communication to Ease Anxiety In Times of Crisis

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From the chaos that is the Covid-19 Pandemic to the world collectively grieving; death after death of people we all considered heroes, to say that this year has been one filled with crisis would be putting it mildly. 

Entrepreneurs, consumers, partners, employees are all equally weary. The times we are in, demand a level of weariness. 

So, because we are in sensitive times, more than ever, the key to maintaining trusting relationships with customers and whatever community you serve as an entrepreneur is good and effective communication. 

It is important that the consumers of whatever product or service you provide are aware in the best way possible of how your organisation is handling the pandemic and also it is key that whatever communication will be carried out between you and your public should be done with utmost care. 

Effective communication ensures that you provide ease in the midst of crisis and also strengthen the relationship you have with your public and create new relationships.

Here are a few tips to help you communicate better in these times;


  • Make your message as simple as possible 

The society we live in today is one where general attention span is at the shortest it has ever been. With the advent and rise of various social media platforms, the amount of information available for consumption is incredibly high. So, to get any message across to any group of people, It is important to make your message as simple as possible. The more complex message reads, the lesser the chances of it getting across to the people you need it to reach. Be direct and avoid as much as you can, industry jargon. Use Bold fonts for your keywords and also use bullets for listings. Ensure that each piece of information can be quickly and easily found on the page. Remember the information you are trying to get out is in competition with several others. 

  • Proper Timing 

For communication to be effective, it has to be timely. It must not be too early or too late. People always need to be able to engage with whatever information you put out. Put it out too early and you’d incite fear and anxiety. Put it out too late, you’d incite mistrust and confusion. 

People are only able to engage with information in the moment that it is relevant. Making statements too early usually speaks to a lack of enough information. Also, if it is communication that has to do with a problem, involving your audience via constant communication during the problem solving period is a plus. It helps to build trust with stakeholders and helps consumers feel like they are a part of your community. 


  • Understand that language is important


Communicating effectively is largely about the words that you use in communicating. The kind of language and tone your communication takes on will determine the reaction your audience has to it. 

There is power in words. The words spoken by an organisation can make or break support for the development of said organization, its cultures and behaviors. 

Studies have shown that language affects behaviour. Effective communication involves framing messages with proper language and nuance. For example, news outlets reporting that an increase in the amount of Covid-19 cases has “left 500 people dead in the past 24 hours” is scarier than one that is reported as a “mortality rate of 2.02 %.” 

When expressing changes in process, policy, or service offerings, choose words that promote calmness and understanding. It’s a unique time in the business world. Communicating effectively is very critical. 


These 3 keys are guaranteed to guide you to making the best decisions about the kind of communication your organisation should be involved in and how to go about doing it the best way you possibly can.  


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