What will our “Co- working” space offer you?

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When building a startup, working from home is an easy choice to come to mind. A home office will feel like what you need to begin with and you’re not entirely wrong. A home office is cost effective; this is the most significant reason startup founders choose it and it’s understandable. But, when thinking about growth, bringing people on board and meeting with clients, it begins to make more sense to move out of the house. Your startup is growing, your big idea is coming to life, now it can become more difficult to separate home and work life while still keeping your company’s base at your house. It can also get too quiet and you may start to miss real human contact. 

You might now consider working out of a coffee shop that offers free wifi. This isn’t a bad option but the truth is they are commercial establishments and are often too noisy to make work calls or focus on some certain pieces of work. 

Which is why a coworking space is your best bet. And you’re in luck, We at Premier office Nigeria are a co-working community!


What we offer

The best thing about premier office nigeria is that whatever stage your business is at, we meet you there. We have an office plan for virtually everyone.

This makes for a very diverse community because everyone is invited. From law firms to freelancers to oil and gas firms to marketing and branding specialists from startup to big corporate firms. This in-turn, increases our networking pool. The chances that you’ll find someone to add value to you and your business in our space is guaranteed. 


Our space


Working on a project and need a desk space to work from for a short period of time? Maybe writing a book, or freelance writing, or even studying for that professional exam, then  our hotdesk is for you. With our hotdesk, you can come in and pay to work for a day, a week or a month. On this plan, we provide you a desk to work from and internet access. We have printing services and a meeting room that you can pay to use if need be. 



This is similar to our hot-desk but with more benefits. Our co-working space is perfectly suited for a new business owner or a team. On this plan, you can pay monthly or for 3 months at maximum to use our workstation. With this, we provide you, the desk-space(s) paid for, internet access, access to our conference room and printing access all included in the fee. This comes in 4 person, and 6 person desks. 

Private office



Our private offices are suited for people who want to be part of the coworking community but would prefer a more exclusive space in it. This package offers an enclosed private office which gives you a desk and a visitors seat. On this package, you get access to the internet, access to our conference room  and printing. All included in the fee. 

Virtual office

And if by any chance your business isn’t at the point where you would need to rok out of a physical office but you still want a touch of professionalism, we raise you our virtual office package. Here, you pay a monthly fee to have your business virtually situated at our office. You use our business address, have a few hours free in our meeting room in case that need arises and we handle your mails and also forward them. 

We did tell you that we have a place here for everyone. 

Our environment is in the heart of victoria island lagos and is the most serene place to work out of. We guarantee you a creativity and productivity boost from our facility. 

You can find us at 191b Jide Oki st, off Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island. 

You can call 08146109750 for enquiries or email info@premierofficenigeria.com

We’ll be more than happy to talk with you.

We are excited to be a part of the growth experiences of businesses and companies and hope that you will make a decision to allow us to be a part of yours. 

Have a great week ahead! 

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